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Branchising for Entrepreneurs Seeking Local Ownership Business Opportunities

Business franchising or “branchising” is the licensing of a NexGen farm to an entrepreneur through a branchise agreement, which involves a joint venture focusing on intellectual licensing. The company-owned units are called branchises.

It allows a company to sell company-owned units to branchisees or licensees and realize an immediate infusion of capital while still retaining control and ongoing profits from the units in the form of shared profits and sales.
Important advantages of branchising include eliminating day-to-day management, personnel programs, receivables, overhead expenses, etc. And when owners with a financial investment operate your existing units, sales historically increase 35% to 55%.
Branchising company-owned units results in higher sales price per unit than by selling them outright, and it also acts as a firm foundation on which we can build your expansion branchise or licensing program.
The TFF program brings local ownership as required by some restaurants and groceries; our objective is to hire and own locally.